One of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the United States

– Wedding Industry Experts Awards, 2013

Meet Casey

I feel uncomfortable having my picture taken. Is that ironic? Or is it fitting that I chose a career that puts me permanently behind the camera instead of in front of it?

Maybe that’s why I love making my clients laugh and helping them enjoy the moment, so that they aren’t thinking about their picture being taken.

I am unapologetically sentimental. I still get choked up during weddings (and I’ve photographed nearly 500 of them).

I take my job very seriously, but I am not a serious person.

I frequently dance poorly but with great enthusiasm.

My wife tells me I have the most romantic job in the world. I agree with her. She is pretty amazing. She makes me laugh, and she challenges me to ‘be awesome’.

I enjoy solving problems. I have sewn rips in dresses, been there with a Tide Stain Stick or a safety pin, and casually ushered couples away from the crowd when I knew they needed a moment alone because for me it is not just about taking pictures.

I love telling stories. Let’s tell your story together.

My Style

Natural. I want to capture authentic moments of you and your guests.

Before the wedding day, I will work with you on your timeline, making sure we streamline the photo process so that you can spend most of your day enjoying yourself with your guests. During portraits, I will guide you through the process and talk to you so that you look your natural best and feel comfortable. The rest of the day – I let the events unfold, without interfering, and capture it as it happens.

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